Tom Jones, the Architect (not that other guy)

On this episode of Design Chat, I had the opportunity to talk with Tom Jones,  Senior Architect of MHK Architecture and Planning here in Naples.

Architecture is where it all starts.  Aligning it with interior design tells a cohesive design story.

While we do share some laughs (‘cause that’s how we roll at Design Match), this interview has a serious side filled with insights and architecture and design industry trends and some different perspectives that may open your eyes to the impact it has on where and how you live.

Good architecture and interior design addresses what’s going on inside your home or space, how it fits into the environment and how it maximizes the ease and enjoyment of those using the space.

Keeping your personal style is important when designing a new home.  Yes, it should fit with the environment and the purpose, but you don’t have to copy your neighbor – don’t lose yourself in the design process!

Remember, having the right design professional saves you from making costly mistakes.

Interview with Tom Jones – the Architect