Supporting Cast

Jean Gruss, reporter extraordinaire, recently decided to write an article (full article in Design Match News below) about my company, Design Match, for the Business Observer. Thank you a thousand times over, Mr. Gruss!

Karl Gibbons, coach, mentor, leader (and many other oh-so important roles he plays to perfection) graciously provided his thoughts about the future and success of Design Match.

As a solepreneur, sometimes it can feel a little lonely and isolated running a business. Then something like this happens and I realize I’m not alone. I’ve got great people, like Jean and Karl, who are right there with me. Supporting me, guiding me and listening while I ask questions, seek advice and sometimes vent (okay maybe more than “sometimes”).

So while I’m out there working hard to build business, meeting new designers, talking to clients, I’ve actually got a whole cast with me. Not literally ’cause that would be little crowded in the car and way too noisy – this is a chatty bunch.