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Comfy Cozy

I’ve found the perfect office! Soft, comfortable and soothing – I never want to leave.

It would, however, be a bit awkward trying to get my work done with customers constantly interrupting me.

Guess I’ll just have to settle for the wonderful opportunity I had to interview Angela Lossia, founder of Angela Fine Furnishings in Naples, Fl , lounging around on some of her beautiful luxury bedding.

Angela’s showroom has absolutely beautiful, one-of-a-kind items that will complete your home. She works with clients as well as interior designers to create amazing spaces that people rave about.

They say we’re a nation of sleep deprived individuals. I say lay down on this bedding and problem solved!

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Not Your Mother’s Front Yard

Let’s Just Forget the Garden Gnomes

In our latest episode of “Design Chat”, Ed Westwood, owner and talented landscape architect of Garden Bleu and I had a great conversation.

Garden Bleu is a member of our Design Match team and we couldn’t be happier. We’re all about all things design: interior, architecture, building, and now exterior! Having very little, and it turns out very uneducated impressions of landscape architecture, I came away completely awed.

Ed, who is passionate about turning outside spaces into creative workable and enjoyable “rooms”, chatted with me about what goes into making that magic happen.

It’s not just about making your yard look pretty. It’s about working together with architects and interior designers to make sure that the exterior is telling the same story as the interior. How will that outdoor space be utilized? Who’s living in the house and what do they like to do? And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your driveway can be your own private bistro!!

Because Ed has so much to share (and I have so much to learn), we had enough material to create 2 episodes of Design Chat.

Here’s Part 1. Join Ed and me and we explore the many creative ways to use exterior design through landscape architecture to add beauty and spice to your home.

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In the Hot Seat

Ever hear that expression: Walk a mile in my shoes? Well, in today’s video blog, I get to “walk” in one of my designer’s shoes.

Usually, I interview a Design Match team member, but Diane turned the tables and interviewed me this time.

Now I know what it feels like to be in the hot seat! A little nerve-wracking to say the least. But I also learned how quickly design professionals are asked to create, to answer difficult design questions and to solve problems for their clients.

Design professionals are often put in the hot seat by clients. Each design client is different, with different needs and expectations.

A great designer can take your likes and dislikes, your design dreams and wishes and create a home that is beautifully designed and is YOU.

A great interior designer, architect, landscape architect or builder is able to design a home that is unique to YOUR taste and YOUR lifestyle.

Being in the hot seat as a design professional is part of the job. It’s what our Design Match designers do best – what they excel at. And it’s what I’m going to leave to them.

I’ll just step into those stilettos and wrap that scarf around my neck and keep on matching YOU to the right design professional that will make YOUR design dreams come true.

Would love to hear from you – did you like this video? If so please share it.

Tell us when you’ve had the tables turned on you? Did you learn anything? Who would you like to turn the tables on in your world?


Not Just Any Chocolate


Welcome to Design Chat

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Thank you, Coco!

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Whew, it’s hot!