About Design Match

Complimentary Concierge Design Service

Using our unique Style Profile Process, we match you and the right design professional together, based on your budget, lifestyle, tastes and preferences.

Building a new home, renovating your existing interiors or adding more space, working with a team that “gets you” saves frustration, time and money.

We meet with you in person to discuss all the elements of your design project and then connect you with the right interior designer, architect or builder to make your design dreams come true !

Let Design Match help you make those important connections through our top-rated team of design professionals.

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Design Match - Lynn Pitcochelli

About Lynn

Your liaison to the exciting world of interior design on the Paradise Coast!


Design Match was created as a direct result of my passion for bringing people together and creating beautiful environments. This passion, along with a healthy obsession for creating change (just ask my son how many times he woke up to all the furniture in the house rearranged), inspired me to bring this unique and exciting design service to our community.

Harmony and Beauty

My love affair with harmony and beauty began over 20 years ago in Boston where, as a fine art consultant, I worked with the area’s top interior designers and private art collectors. Every day I woke up excited about finding the perfect artwork to assist in designing amazing spaces!


My multi-career background also includes executive consulting and recruiting for Fortune 500 companies matching them with the high-level talent and expertise they needed to advance their companies.

Relocating to Southwest Florida to run a contemporary art gallery I came full circle back to the design world I love. Working once again with leading design professionals I sourced original and unique artwork that aligned and enhanced with their design vision.

I believe in the power of relationships between people, places and things, and that is what Design Match is all about.