A “Joy”-ful find…

Interior designers are always looking to present something new to their clients. Something that will make their eyes pop and their heart’s beat a little faster.

When I met artist, Robin Joy, and saw her artwork, that’s exactly how I felt. Not only did her unique, whimsical and magical work speak to me personally; but all kinds of ideas went flying through my brain. This was art that lends itself to interior design in oh, so many ways!

Through her drawings, Robin Joy has created another world. She’s taken her patterns and characters and artwork and applied them to cups and saucers, dishes and teapots. Her designs have appeared on couture clothing, wall coverings and been the main characters in a couple of books.

Can you imagine being able to present your client with fabric or wall coverings that have been created specifically for them? What a rock star you’d be in their eyes! (And won’t all their neighbors be turning several different shades of green?)

And speaking of color, Robin can adapt her work with color in ways too numerous to mention here.

So you say your searching for something new? Something unique? Something that will blow your client’s mind?

Search no more! Take a look at the cover image – take a really close look. See? That’s the world of Robin Joy…….limitless in imagination.

Now it’s up to you to bring it into your home design – onto the walls, the table and into your client’s world….