Keep on Dancing

We had a pretty amazing occurrence of a dumpster fire in the front of my home recently (picture provided for your amusement). A dumpster fire is pretty impressive, not too dangerous and brings all the boys out. But I digress. This little blaze made me think that an update on the renovation project was in order. (To get caught up, see my previous blog (Take A Walk on the Wild Side.)

Keep on Keepin’ On…

While we’re still here in Renovation Jungle, some progress has been made.

At one point we thought we nearing the other side, but it was just a little clearing in the trees – a little blue sky of encouragement. Dry wall was put up, painting was done (beautifully I might add!), counter tops in….then work stopped.

Lighting that was ordered came in wrong, the crane that was supposed to lift our fireplace stone broke and one of our vendors decided to retire abruptly (read – disappear). The blue sky of encouragement suddenly became overcast.

Dancing the Night Away….

Deep in the this darkened place, we discovered a village Each of the villagers had at one time begun a renovation journey, but without their Interior Designer Guide, they had lost their way. Dazed and counting time in 6-week segments, they formed their own little community.

They invited us to sit down with them and share stories. We began to hear strange music.

Drumming on empty paint cans provided Latin beat. A magical melody floated out of copper pipe flutes.

The villagers got up and started to move in this strange little dance

Two steps forward

Two steps back

What was going on? Were they high on paint fumes? Had they lost their minds scrolling through hundreds of websites full of plumbing and lighting fixtures? Is this the result of no interior design guidance?

They never really never went anywhere, just keep moving in the same spot over and over….what we were witnessing is called…

The Renovation Rhumba!!!

Worried, we looked to our designer guide for reassurance. Would we also be stuck here in this design-project version of Hotel California?

No, our Interior Designer Guide reminded us. She knew exactly where we were going and how to get us there. We were just experiencing a minor set-back.

Breathing a sigh of relief, we left the village as quickly as we came.

Do you have a renovation story you’d like to share? Drop us a line below – we’d love to hear it!

Are you looking to start your own Renovation Jungle project and looking for the Perfect Guide? Contact us and we’ll set you up!


Differently Alike

Have you seen the movie Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? It’s a light-hearted comedy that depicts the unique relationship between sisters. And while at first glance they seem like complete opposites, we learn just how very much alike they really are.


I was thinking about this while I visited my sister in Boston this weekend. Always lots of laughs and shared memories, especially about those years we fought like cats while developing our own personalities.

We really do have a lot in common, the same sense of humor, same mannerisms – some people say we even have the same voice. And we both share the same dream of someday living in France.

But here’s where we’re different. How we want to live in France is quite different. The location and interior design style of our (imagined) French abodes perfectly reflect our personalities.

Marie Antionette Wishes…..

Little sis is most happy being surrounded by a home decor that reflects her idea of the perfect Provence home.

Her bucolic rustic Provence home would be filled with natural fabrics like linen and cotton, antiques found at a country flea market – or marché aux pucesand a big, bright kitchen designed around the distressed farm table (bought at that marché aux puces) and a La Cornue stove. Here she would whip up a deliciously classic French meal made with fresh herbs and served with homemade baguettes (yes she’s that talented – my talent lies in eating that meal).


Soft and warm summer breezes would waft through the open doors that lead to the garden filled with lavender, sun flowers and herbs (mais oui!). Family and friends would wander in and out carrying glasses of the local wine and lifting their faces to the sun.

I dream of living in an apartment in Paris where I take the ancient iron-gated elevator to my loft space and look out over Paris from a wrought iron balcony where red geraniums bloom in hanging planters.

A Little Rock & Roll…

My chic interior would have high windows with a view of the city of light. The design would be graphic black and white (think Lenny Kravitz Interior Designs here) with highly polished herringbone wood floors. And look, there’s the obligatory over-sized gilt mirror (which of course reflects a sparkling chandelier) leaning next to the ornately carved fireplace mantle.

In my minuscule kitchen I would prepare little bites of cheese and fois gras and serve with chilled champagne. My guests would relax on lush velvet sofas and we’d discuss the latest risqué novel.

Like Tina and Amy, it’s our differences that make us unique and our sameness that bonds us together.

While you, like many others, may be attracted to French Country or American Mid-Century Modern, it’s how you live in that space and the memories and experiences you bring that will make your home uniquely you.

Working with the right interior designer who gets you is important in creating that special space. If you’re ready to get started, contact us at Design Match and we’ll help you find the Perfect Design Partner!


Come Over to the Darkside

Are you afraid of the dark?

We’re going over to the dark side together. You’re gonna love it.

Now let’s not get all Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight Saga – I’m talking paint color here, my friends.

While we’re there, we’ll visit with some friends of mine that have really transformed those interior dark shadows into shades of chic, dramatic and poetic. Sherwin Williams, his good buddy Benjamin Moore and that dynamic duo Farrow & Ball.

Now Sherwin loves navy – the darker the better. Paint and accent wall in Sherwin Williams’ Naval, add some bright white trim and you’re ready to set sail into the sunset!

Renovation by Pinemar, Inc.

Ben, on the other hand is totally taken by all shades of green. Think , game room, old world elegance – cigars, cognac and male bonding. “I say, old boy, do tell that hunting story again!”

Benjamin Moore Forest Green
That crazy creative couple Farrow & Ball completely own dark grey and all shades of black. Rich, elegant and inviting. Fill this tub with bubbles and sip on chilled champagne while listening to your favorite music.

.Farrow & Ball’s Pelt No 254

50 Shades of Grey? Bah! There are hundreds of shades of grey and black, from pearl to smoke and from off-black to pitch.

Design Match designer Sharon G. states: “Using dark colors in a room or interior is a design tool that helps create contrast, which in turn, creates interest.

Here’s one of my favorite uses of a dark color in interior design. This young couple looked way beyond the traditional pastel colors for a nursery and painted their baby’s room a dark grey. With the accents of white and gold, this room is a soothing and comforting space. Imagine going to sleep in this environment – like being back in the womb. This baby has been blessed with incredibly creative parents!


If you decide that this style is for you, you’re gonna need The Professionals (fyi: 1966 film starring Burt Lancaster – thought this one may need explaining) to make sure it’s done right.

It’s important to rely on your interior designer to help you select the right shade of a dark paint color that works with your environment. There are several factors involved in making sure that the color will create the feeling you desire – sunlight and artificial light, size of space, how the room is utilized, etc.

If you’re ready to come over to the rich, deep and dramatic side of color, contact us and we’ll help you find the right designer who will be your beacon in the dark.