Be Inspired by the Unique

Bubbles, Leopard and OOH LA LA!

Have you secretly lusted for a bubble sofa in a bright crayon color? Use it as a starting point for your living room. Here’s a rock-star sofa from Roche Bobois that will knock your socks off.

Does leopard print brings back wonderful memories of shopping in Paris with your uber-chic aunt? Lay down a faux (because we are environmentally aware) leopard carpet in your home office and stroll down memory lane.

Do something that makes you smile when you wake up in the morning and see it – even before coffee!

Not your mother’s welcome mat.

My man and I love to travel and experience different cultures. We plan on placing our terra cotta warrior from China in the foyer of our soon-to-be new home. Rather than intimidate, our warrior is kneeling and welcoming. He’s a unique presence that reflects our design style and believe me, he’s sparked some interesting conversations!

A little French fun…(got you thinking didn’t I?)

A little dynamo of a woman owns a unique French antique store in town and her style epitomizes what I’m talking about. She takes gorgeous antique pieces and then customizes them by adding a contemporary twist – like luscious white ostrich skin on a french side chair, or a burlap shade on a crystal table lamp – talk about having fun! Check out her website Sharon Lynch Collections.

Get inspired. Tour some model homes in your area for inspiration. However, your home should never look like a model home -(unless of course you are a model- which would technically make it a model’s home…..oh never mind).

Another good way to get inspired is to visit showrooms with your designer. Sometimes a great piece of furniture or an awesome light fixture can spark a discussion between the two of you that will result in something fabulous and unexpected!

Stroll the Street, Peruse Pinterest, Google Great rooms…….

You just have to pay attention to what make you feel good and as we mentioned in our previous blog, DESIGNER’S SAY “WHAT”?, communicate your inspiration to your perfect design partner and start working together to make your design dreams come true!

I’m here for you all the way friend, so let’s get started!

If you’ve recently been inspired by something unique or unexpected, please share! Your thoughts may just spark an idea in someone else!

For the Love of Cheese…

February is Love Month and we’re all crazy over that special day.  But let’s face it – we love lots of things for a whole lot of reasons – and not just on the 14th.
Because Design Match believes in the Power of Relationships – between people, places and things, here’s a list of people, places and things you probably love and don’t even think about.  – 29 loves – one for each day of February (leap year, folks).
  1. Your partner -for support, love, challenges and laughter.
  2. Your children- for making you believe in something greater than yourself and for allowing you to hone your talents as a cell phone photographer.
  3. Your dog – because no matter what – they love you right back (not your cat – they love you for opportunistic reasons.)
  4. Your BFF – because she loves you almost as unconditionally as your dog.
  5. Your dentist (yes, dentist) – for that pain-free session and for believing you when you say you floss.
  6. Your hair stylist – for not knocking you on the head with the blow-dryer when you request  that “low-maintenance cut” that actually requires 20 minutes of blow-drying.
  7. Your nail tech – for making those chewed up cuticles look healthy.
  8. Girls’ Night Out – for recharging, reconnecting and rejoicing.
  9. Your dry cleaner – for spilled wine, splashed spaghetti sauce, dripped olive oil…the list goes on.
  10. Your interior designer – for oh so many reasons!!  The guidance, the inspiration and for understanding you and your design dreams.
  11. Your parents – for putting up with you all these years, displaying astronomical levels of patience and humor.
  12. Your siblings – for making you grateful that you inherited that sense of humor (and not something else).
  13. Your favorite sweatshirt – for sometimes being the only comfort you need.
  14. Your little black dress, leather jacket or killer heels – for the power, sexiness and confidence.
  15. Your favorite song. – for the memories it brings back, because you know all the words and can “belt it out” when you mistakenly think no one can hear you.
  16. Your favorite table at the coffee shop – where you can people-watch while pretending to work on your laptop
  17. Pantone Color of the Year – because whatever it is people get all crazy about it and because it gives you a reason to redecorate.
  18. Your snowplow guy, leaf-raker, and gutter cleaner (which may refer you right back to Number 1) – because you get to stay inside with warm cup of (fill in the blank).
  19. Your Netflix account – because you can binge watch shows until your eyes glaze over and the battery runs out in the remote.
  20. Your neighbor – for the friendly wave on your morning walk and for not looking too closely at you without makeup on that morning walk.
  21. Your tendency to put things off – because now you can spend a rainy afternoon looking at actual hard copy photographs of loved ones.
  22. Your ability to laugh at yourself – because there’s a never ending supply of material and because if you don’t, your siblings certainly will.
  23. Your yoga instructor – for telling you it’s okay to hold child’s pose for the whole hour.
  24. Cheese – because really, it IS a protein, right?
  25. Your favorite girl at the Chanel counter – cause she gives you all those samples so you can pack light.
  26. Karma – because isn’t it great to watch happen?
  27. FaceTime -because you can connect when you need some long-distance hugs.
  28. Your interior designer – again (yes, I’m biased) – for talking you out of that yellow/orange metallic wall color or for actually making it work.
  29. Leap Year – because we get an extra day to love any of the above and because you can almost see a glimmer of spring!
Share some of your own “loves” with us below in the Comment Section.
Do you wish to “love” your designer? Contact me here.